White Chocolate Cheesecake. The best one.

This is the must-bake for every Christmas in my family, for several years already. Creamy, semi-sweet cheese, whole grain cookie crust and the sour cream topping - in one word: magic.
There's a bunch of different recipes for a cheesecake with white chocolate on the internet. Leave them all behind - this one is a combination on all the best treats from them and a little healthy-upgrade. I guess I wouldn't be myself if I hadn't done that.
I have to warn you though. It's delicious. Far from diet, but still, I find cheesecake the less invasive option among Polish Christmas bakings. Especially as you can replace the sugar with xylitol or other natural sweetener without taste detriment. I love this cheesecake so much I'm smiling just by wrtiting about it :)


250g full grain petit buerre biscuits
50g oat flakes
100g butter
5 tbl spoon milk
pinch of salt

1kg white cheese (milled, smooth texture)
150g white chocolate
100g powdered sugar or other sweetener (adjust the level of preferred sweetness)
5 eggs (medium size)
2 tbl spoons pudding powder (vanilla or cream)
optionally - vanilla

300g of sour cream (18-22% fat)
2 spoons powdered sugar / other sweetener

1. Mash biscuits, blend oat flakes and mix them with salt in a bigger bowl. Add melted butter and milk, fuse it well with the dry cookie mass and then lay it out at the bottom of the form.
Place in the fridge while making the cheese mass.

2. Combine cheese and sugar. Add one egg at a time, strirring, to mix it well with the cheese. Then fold in the pudding powder pinch after pinch to avoid clumps (smart move is to use sieve here) and a bit of vanilla seeds if you wish.
At the end, add melted and a bit cooled down chocolate, mix it well.

3. Pour into the form, bake for abour an hour in oven preheated to 180 Celsius degrees.

4.Blend the cream with sugar/sweetener. Once the cheesecake's top has congealed add the sour cream topping.

5. Bake for another 10-15 minutes.

6. Cool down completely and put it into the frigde for a few hours / overnight.


Ps. I really think this is my favorite cake of all time.

Ps 2. I'm happy to annunce that this recipe is part of bab.la’s International Recipe Advent Calendar 2016
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